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To impart education to boys and girls through the medium of English and instill in them the ideas of truth, courage and honour and virtues of true human being and that of a responsible citizen.To promote a sense of responsibility and help in building up of the character of each students We believe in providing intensive care to each Gratian and make worthy of human race. To transform the Gratians into a smart, talented and active learner with a command over the global language of English, thus making them a class apart from the rest of the students of Madhepura. To make the students live up to the motto of our school” promise of excellence”.

Principal's Desk

Deigratia International School,

Wisdom sculptures freedom Freedom promotes knowledge Knowledge exudes love Love propels education Education Visualizes dreams and Dreams are touchstones of Character! The school is the training grounds for the citizens.

Desk of Secretary

Deigratia International school

I believe that each one of us- teachers, students and parents individually & collectively. My Humble praman at the holy feet of God and All those who inspired large no. of people. We have total faith in the vision to work towards over all development of children at physical, mental, Intellectual and Spiritual Level which reflect in all our endeavors. With the blessings of God. The New trajectory has taken shape in the growth process of DGIS and many new things would be visible for the variation making pilgrimage to the institution .

Students of class 9th are informed to carry your xerox copy of aadhar card for registration.

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